[Project_owners] extension's and bundled shared libraries

Daniel Fournier dfour at noos.fr
Thu May 27 08:45:42 EDT 2004

Carey Stevens wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering, if I have an extension that depends on some other 
> shared libraries which I would like to bundle and distribute. How is the 
> correct way to do that?
> can they just be dumped in the components directory?
> My extension then needs to load these extra libs. I currently dlopen 
> them because they are in my ld_library_path. Is there a better way? How 
> does one get the path to them correctly once they are installed into the 
> mozilla tree?
> Any pointers? Does anyone know of an extension that does this that I 
> could look at?
> Cheers
> Carey
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My Mozdev extensions (JS Console, XUL Console and Mozquery) all rely on 
a shared library, Mozlib (providing many useful JavaScript classes for 
XPCOM interfacing, i/o, rdf etc).

Mozlib has its own XPI automatically installed when install any of my 
extensions. So it's located in the chrome dir as any Mozilla extension 
and any Mozlib js file is accessed with a chrome URL, e.g. 

You can browse Mozlib (after installing JS Console), it's not, 
intentionally, a jar package, to have a full understanding.



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