[Project_owners] Request for feedback: DemoExt extension example

Jeff Walden jwalden+moz-news at mit.edu
Thu May 20 16:15:35 EDT 2004

How about adding some code for making toolbars?  Toolbars are common as extensions.  Currently, toolbars are either cross-app (meaning no customization in Firefox) or Firefox-only.  Neither works well, because you either sacrifice native implementations or support for other apps.  If there could be some way to make the extension so that it is either fully cross-app (meaning customizable toolbars) or can be easily built with app-specific toolbar code, that would be awesome for helping out toolbar creators.  For example, the Googlebar has its own toolbar customization, so it doesn't work the Firefox way (and is thus somewhat non-integrated).  This would alleviate several problems (such as an inability to move toolbars, for one).

Jeff Walden

Nathan R. Yergler wrote:
> After working on a Mozilla/Firefox extension and a Thunderbird 
> extension, it seems to me that it would be beneficial to have a "least 
> common denominator" example extension.  Something that did very little 
> functionliaty wise, but provided a concrete, working example of how to 
> use install.js, how to localize, how to overlay, and how to provide 
> preferences.  To that end, I've been working on DemoExt.
> DemoExt currently implements a very simple browser extension with the 
> goal of working with Mozilla Suite, Firefox and Firefox 0.9+ from a 
> single code base.  The purpose of DemoExt is to provide a working 
> example, which can be used as either a starting point, or as a "test 
> bed" for trying different approaches.  To make it useful as a starting 
> point, I've also written a script which generates a new source tree, 
> making the appropriate file/directory name substitutions as necessary.
> You can read more about DemoExt at 
> http://www.yergler.net/averages/archives/2004/05/20/writing_mozilla_extensions 
> I'd love to get some feedback, suggestions, or ideas as to a)whether 
> this is needed or I'm way off base, and b) how it can be improved.  I 
> hope to also add a Thunderbird example to the project in the near future.
> Thanks,
> Nathan R. Yergler

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