[Project_owners] Rewriting a browser inside a XUL app

Sudhakar Chandra thaths at openscroll.org
Wed May 19 13:31:08 EDT 2004

Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Sudhakar Chandra wrote:
>> <browser id="parsed-rss-feed" 
>> src="chrome://habarixenu/locale/about.html" flex="1" onload="return 
>> true;"/>
>>     var parsedDocument = window.frames[0].document;
>>     parsedDocument.body.innerHTML = parsedContent;
> Another problem with this: Depending on how you wrote this, you probably 
> gave remote content from RSS local chrome rights, creating a gapping 
> security hole. Please don't use chrome: with content (even snipplets) 
> from the network.

Here is how I have written it at present:

- The browser element opens up a local HTML page through a chrome:// 
url.  The about.html page is installed as part of the application.

- The UI of the news aggregator is your basic two-pane approach.  The 
tree of the feeds is shown in the left frame.  The right frame is where, 
in the beginning, the contents of about.html are displayed.

- When the user clicks on a feed they are interested in, the application 
downloads the RSS (checking the timestamp on a local copy first blah 
blah blah) for that feed from the remote site.  The rss is stored in a 
local file.  This file is then parsed and HTML content is generated 
based on the items in the feed.  This generated HTML content is the one 
in parsedContent variable.

Is this a potential security hole?  The fundamental function of any news 
aggregator is to parse remote RSS feeds and display the content in some 
format inside the chrome.  By your reasoning, all news aggregators open 
up potential gaping security holes because they put untrusted remote 
content into chrome.

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