[Project_owners] Changing Mouse pointer and Opening Links in new tab

Sudhakar Chandra thaths at openscroll.org
Sat May 15 16:46:42 EDT 2004


I have some questions:

1. How do I change the mouse pointer to busy state on some event and 
change it back to normal state later on using JS?

I tried the following:

	(a) win = document.getElementsByTagName("window")[0];
	    win.setAttribute("wait-cursor", true);

	(b) setCursor("wait");

'b' gives me a JS error that there is no such method or property and 'a' 
sets the cursor fine but I am unable to set it back to normal by doing 
win.setAttribute("wait-cursor", false);

2. My application shows a bunch of links in an iframe inside the XUL 
application.  When the user clicks on a link, I want to open that link 
in a new tab.  Is this possible through HTML?  Through some sort of JS 
magic?  I know it is a bad idea.  But I am asking for this sort of 
feature not for web sites but for XUL applications intalled in the browser.

3. My XUL application is overlaid on the Tools menu.  When the user 
lanyches the application, the XUL file is opened up in a new tab.  The 
new tab shows 'chrome://habarixenu/content/habarixenu.xul' as the title 
of the tab.  Even though habarixenu.xul sets the title attribute in the 
window tag, this never shows up as the title of the tab.  How do I set 
the text that shows up on the tab?  Also, how do I make the tab show 
something like a Site Icon next to the title?

4. How do I add an icon to my application's entry in the Tools menu?  I 
like how this is done by ChromeEdit.  I can't figure out how this is 
being done in ChromeEdit.

5. How do I programatically open the bookmarks editor in response to a 
menu item selection in my application?


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