[Project_owners] Page snapshot

Philip Mateescu pmateescu at novosadhayes.com
Fri May 7 15:37:58 EDT 2004

Justin Wood wrote:
> I'm not sure what OS you have Philip, but I know on windows (98+ ?) you 
> can press "print screen" on the keyboard, which will save the visible 

Thanks Justin. I was aware of that, but my intention was to have it done 
from script (a Moz component). Possibly even for pages that are not 
(yet) visible on screen (like in other tabs or something like that).
Something like Trailblazer does on Mac 

I'm pretty sure what I'm asking for doesn't exist in Moz and it's 
probably quite hard to do, but there was a small chance... :)

Best regards.
In general, if you think something isn't in Perl, try it out, because it 
usually is. :-)
  -- Larry Wall

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