[Project_owners] My logo proposal

Bogdan Stancescu converter at moongate.ro
Mon Mar 15 22:41:43 EST 2004

Dave Mansfield wrote:

> Biju G C wrote:
>>  --- Bogdan Stancescu wrote:
>>> if there is any kind of consolation, you can see the MAD motif 
>>> conceptually on the layers: one "m", then the gear below is the 
>>> "a"pplication, and the hammers below that is the "d"evelopment. :)
> Didn't see that. Very nice.
>> 2. Why 2 hammer one can be another tool
> Like a sickle? ;)
> The 2nd hammer makes it nice and symetrical. Anything else could make 
> the icon to fussy. /my.02$

+ my 0.02$ = 0.04$ :)

That was one of my considerations as well; also two hammers arranged 
like that are part of the traditional smith guilds' emblem, and it's 
associated with honest, hard work. I like that idea being associated 
with the MAD concept.


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