[Project_owners] You need enthusiam?

Percy Cabello pcabello at prmail.net
Fri Mar 12 12:28:17 EST 2004


I guess it could start with the current text format the newsletter has.
However, at least for the newsletter we've been considergin a PDF edtion that
may be linked from the ASCII edition, so enthusiasts can print it. The PDF
edition will include some general brochure-like contents (which I am also
working in now): general info, resources, features, etc. Somebody also
suggested preparing a press plan so that the community could easily follow it
(getting funding, identifying outlets, getting people involced etc.) that could
create a newspaper similar to the ones found at the door of Borders and other
libraries. Free for the reader and somehow, free for publishers. Not easy at

Please let me know if you'd also be interested in working a PDF edition of the
current newsletter (for end users).


--- Robin Monks <mozillaman at linuxmail.org> wrote:
> You need enthusiam? I think I just might have some of that...  I think I
> could do the editing...
> HTML, ACSII, PDF, WRI, RTF - how'd you want it?
> I might not be able to respond 'til after the weekend but I think I could do
> it,
> Robin
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