[Project_owners] Update.mozilla.org and 0.9

Andy Edmonds andy at uzilla.net
Sun Jun 27 15:59:14 EDT 2004

Hi Folks,

A bit of warning from the googlebar team. In our testing, Mozilla 0.9 
does not have functional update.  For changing versions of extensions, 
uninstall and reinstall seems necessary.

This is fixed in 0.9. If you're going to increment the install.rdf, you 
may wish to put a minimum version of 0.9.1 to avoid corrupting the users 

I'd be happy to be advised that we're incorrect on this :)

In related issues, there are apparently plans to allow extension owners 
to update update.mozilla.org on their own.  Any body know of 
docs/blogs/details on this somewhere?

Thx, A

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