[Project_owners] Accessing to mail Headers

Nicolas DOSSMANN neopouf at msn.com
Wed Jun 16 11:51:23 EDT 2004

I tried so, but it seems that it doesn't work. Those functions only permit 
to get or set items that are properties of the nsIMsgDBHdr object (the 
function getProperty doesn't work properly, it says that it is not a 
function) The getStringProperty and getUint32Property are working well with 
the items that are properties, but not with my own headers :-/

Does someone have another idea ?
If I could get an nsIMimeHeaders object it would be good, but from the 
nsIMsgDBHdr one, I don't manage to. (if I'm not wrong, with the URL of the 
message, I may manage to, but how to get an URL from the nsIMsgDBHdr, that 
is the question)

Thanks for helping me, and thanks for your answer Karsten even if it didn't 
work ;)


>From: Karsten Düsterloh <mnenhy at tprac.de>
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>To: Mozdev Project Owners List <project_owners at mozdev.org>
>Subject: Re: [Project_owners] Accessing to mail Headers
>Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 16:10:19 +0200
>Nicolas DOSSMANN aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
> > In this function, I have the item (type : nsIMsgDBHeader)
>You mean nsIMsgDBHdr?
>If so: nsIMsgDBHdr is derived of nsIMsgHdr, and that one has these
>functions that may help (I haven't tested it, though):
>     /* general property routines - I think this can retrieve any
>        header in the db */
>     AString getProperty(in string propertyName);
>     void setProperty(in string propertyName, in AString propertyStr);
>     void setStringProperty(in string propertyName, in string 
>     string getStringProperty(in string propertyName);
>     unsigned long getUint32Property(in string propertyName);
>     void setUint32Property(in string propertyName,
>                            in unsigned long propertyVal);
>Feel free to correct my English. :)
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