[Project_owners] Accessing to mail Headers

Nicolas DOSSMANN neopouf at msn.com
Tue Jun 15 10:50:09 EDT 2004


I'm currently working on thunderbird to make an extension (some kind of
reception guarantee service), and I have a problem that I have some
diffculties to solve.

Here is my question : I'm putting some personnal headers
fields in the "otherRandomHeaders" field at the message composition.

After that, it is possible to access it with the currentHeaderData array 
when a
message is displayed (this array is automatically generated when you display 
a message). But I need to access those headers when an item is
added to an inbox folder. I manage to detect the reception of a message
by using the "OnItemAdded" notification of the folder listener. And that's
in this function that I need to access to the "other headers". In
this function, I have the item (type : nsIMsgDBHeader), the parent
(generally nsIFolder), and the view. How can I access to the headers I
added in the "otherRandomHeaders" field at the composition in this
function ?

Does it exist some kind of function like the one offered in 
nsIMimeHeaders->extractHeader() somewhere else ?.

Otherwise, how can I get a mimeHeaders object to use the function above, 
with a nsIFolder and a nsIMsgDBView ? I tried to, but I didn't found a way 
trough objects to get a nsIMimeHeaders one.

Or does someone has another idea to get the headers of a mail (I use both 
Imap & Pop protocols)

I hope you will be able to help me, and else, tell me where I can find
an answer or who can help.

Thanks a lot for help !

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