[Project_owners] Install.rdf problem

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Sat Jun 12 21:27:40 EDT 2004

On Saturday 12 Jun 2004 12:54, doron wrote:
> You want
> http://www.bengoodger.com/software/mb/extensions/packaging/extensions.html
> - ben made a in my opinion horrible decision and never updated his old
> docs and simply wrote a new one.

Not the only thing he did wrong, ISO dates would have been clearer to non-US 

> I'm surprised you got a error message at all - the code does almost no
> error checking and its easy to get it to hang.
> I am working on my own document on writing an extension for Mozilla and
> FireFox and have found quite a few ways to get it to die - if you find
> any, send me them, I'm working with bsdemberg on IRC to add more error
> handling like XPInstall does.




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