[Project_owners] identifying posters to this list by project

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Thu Jun 10 00:31:20 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 09 Jun 2004 22:10, Justin Wood wrote:
> Myk Melez wrote:
> > When subscribers post to project_owners it would be useful and
> > interesting to know what projects they own, both for adding context to
> > their questions and for personal edification.  I suppose hacking
> > mailman to add this information to a custom header would be hard, as
> > would getting everyone to set up a special sig/mail address with which
> > to post.  Anyone have better/cheaper/faster ideas?
> >
> > -myk
> >
> > (Forumzilla, Bugxula, Tinderstatus)
> >
> How about just a centralized post/page on mozdev we can all refer to,
> with it sent to any new subscribers when they are subscribed?
> (utopiaimp, not released)
> ~Justin Wood

I've been meaning to write a database query to pull project owner / contibutor 
status for a given username, just haven't been motivated : ]

This would seem to be an extension of that, with the proviso that it gets 
cached so that we don't increase the server load unduly.




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