[Project_owners] Javascript behaving inconsistently?

Daniel Fournier zdev at noos.fr
Fri Jun 4 08:32:07 EDT 2004

Dark Ryder wrote:
> On 2004.06.03 23:45:45, Karsten D?sterloh wrote:
>>>if (suOldData[suSearch]["name"] != suNewData[suSearch]["hame"]) 
>>                                                          ^^^^
>>looks definitly like a typo...
> ...
> I can't even express how angry I am at myself right now.  I have been working on 
> this for two days without making progress.  Thank you *so much* for pointing 
> this out.  It works perfectly now, of course.
> I apologize for bothering you all for something so foolish.

May I suggest you to use unit testing to avoid this kind of frustrating 

Have a look at JS Console (<http://jsconsole.mozdev.org>) and its 
integrated unit testing framework. It should help you to test your JS 

Daniel Fournier

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