[Project_owners] XUL webapps

Jaap Haitsma jaap_haitsma at zonnet.nl
Sat Jul 31 18:31:03 EDT 2004

Pete Collins wrote:
>> This is all already possible for a number of years (the first game 
>> added on games.mozdev.org is of august 2002)
>> I don't seem to be able to find other xul webapps on the web. I'm 
>> wondering why? It's fantastic technology. I know the mozilla market 
>> share is not that large (but growing :-) ), but I for instance would 
>> expect that xul based web mail would exist.
>> Imagine how cool google mail would be if it had a xul interface, and 
>> if google made a xul interface for gmail it would also be very 
>> tempting for  IE users to switch
> I said the same exact thing in 1999. I got involved w/ Mozilla for this 
> *very* reason - building remote xul apps. My first Mozilla app was 100% 
> remote.
>  http://scripteditor.mozdev.org/
> The main problem that kept coming up is access to xpconnect from remote 
> XUL.

I don't really understand what you mean, can you elaborate a bit

> I believe the future of Mozilla development will be done by hybrid 
> developers. Client + Remote.
> Eg:
>  A php/javascript hacker -> remote/client languages
>  php/html -> php/xul

I'm a bit lost here as well.

> So instead of using HTML as the web app user interface, things will move 
> toward XUL.
Let's hope so :-)

So with the state of remote XUL as it is now, is it possible to make a 
serious application like webmail or groupware apps?



BTW BTW the links on the installation page of 
http://scripteditor.mozdev.org/ do not work anymore.

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