[Project_owners] Cache Question

Jaap Haitsma jaap at haitsma.org
Sat Jul 31 17:01:30 EDT 2004

Neil wrote:
> Mozilla bug 11008 is an RFE for an easier way to clear the cache. Are 
> the many extensions out there that already do this? Would you mind if a 
> similar function was built into Mozilla? Does anyone have any preference 
> as to how it should be implemented? The current proposal is for 
> Ctrl+Reload to clear the cache while Alt+Reload clears the history.

Ctrl+Reload and Alt+Reload don't sound very intuitive to me. First of 
all they do not reload anything, just clear. Second Shift+Reload 
currently reloads the page by bypassing the disk cache and the proxy. So
it's going to be difficult to remember what does what.

I like the options the patch introduced that it clears the cache and 
other history related stuff after shutdown. Isn't that enough. If you 
are concerned about privacy you just set these options and it works
automagically. If you do not set these options privacy is less of an 
issue in your case and if it then once is you can go to the preferences 
to clear the cache and history.

just my 2 euro cents


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