[Project_owners] Install PEAR on mozdev?

Erich Reto Iseli erich.iseli at iseli.org
Thu Jul 29 17:55:24 EDT 2004

Hello everybody,

I've been looking at several caching options for the mycroft project.

Since we are making heavy use of mysql (for the plugins database), I've 
been requested to cache the results of the queries in order to reduce 
the database load. Some time ago, I've written my own cache-system, but 
it's quite primitive and - even though it works well - doesn't cache as 
many results as I'd like (just simple searches for a given plugin).

Now I'd like to extend the system so that all relevant database queries 
are cached and I've found PEAR/Cache_Lite. 

It is really neat and exactly what I need. Even though I just could copy 
locally the PEAR and Cache_Lite PHP classes into the mycroft project, I 
thought that best would be to have a global install so that everybody 
could use the fine PEAR libraries. If you want to know what is 
available, have a look here: http://pear.php.net/packages.php

This could save us webmasters a lot of time and focus on the project 
itself instead of dealing with PHP that is getting more and more complex.

Question to mozdev admins: would this be an option or is it better to 
just install it on mycroft?

Question to all mozdev project owners: do you think there are any 
packages of interest for you?



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