[Project_owners] removing a directory from CVS

David Costanzo david_costanzo at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 23 09:37:06 EDT 2004

--- Charles Melhorn <melodious at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Anybody happen to know offhand how to remove
> a directory (as opposed to individual files) from the
> CVS repository?
> Using WinCVS...

That's one of the annoyances of CVS; you can't delete directories.  If
you do delete it on the server, you won't be able to restore the files
in that directory when you update to an older revision.  In general,
deleting files/directories on the server defeats the point of revision

The work-around for this annoyance is to tell the cvs client to ignore
empty directories.  On the command-line, you do this by supplying the
"-p" flag to all "checkout" and "update" operations (-p for "prune
empty directories").

>From WinCVS:

  Select "Admin -> Preferences ..." from the menu bar.
  Click the "Globals" tab.
  Check the "Prune (remove) empty directories" checkbox.
  Update everything.

Now, the empty directories will no longer be created on your machine.

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