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Justin Wood jw6057 at bacon.qcc.mass.edu
Wed Jul 21 13:15:25 EDT 2004

Neil wrote:

> Eelco van Kuik wrote:
>> I try to use the dtd's from the browser for normal labels like: File, 
>> Close, Import, etc.
>> These are however in different locations on Mozilla and Firefox. I 
>> thought I could use them in the same doctype, but the code below 
>> gives an error when retrieving entities. It seems that if a dtd 
>> cannot be found Mozilla stops parsing the following dtd files. Does 
>> anybody know how to solve this problem without creating 2 installers 
>> (1 for Mozilla and 1 for Firefox)
> In the very latest builds you could make two overlays, one for mozilla 
> and one for firefox, and then one will load and the other won't. 
> Unfortunately in previous builds if an overlay fails to load the 
> window never creates :-(
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You can also use the preprocessor with your jar.mn file when you 
build...in which case you then just check if its for FF or suite and 
create seperate xpi's, that is a slightly harder choice....I would not 
advise using the "overlay" thing until 1.8 is final as people tend not 
to want to install a new version (all the time) until it is stable.

~Justin Wood

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