[Project_owners] [Ann] Citations

Davide Carboni davide_carboni at tiscali.it
Tue Jul 13 18:30:20 EDT 2004

Hi, I'd like to announce that I released a small utility called 
citations. I developed it as a simple example of XUL programming for a 
italian magazine and I'll be glad if it may be useful for anyone.



    * Save the selected text as a quoting in an internal database
      together with author and URL
    * Previously saved citations are presented in a table
    * Menuitems are added to the popup menu in Mozilla

Wish list

    * Function to remove citations from the db
    * Clicking a citation in the db should not only open the URL but
      also highlight the text quoted
    * Saved citations should be presented in a view with sorting by
      name, by date and so forth
    * Date and context should be added as optional citation data.

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