[Project_owners] A Japanese Translator

Kumo Inazuma KumoInazuma1 at studio-sumimasen.net
Sat Jul 10 17:32:25 EDT 2004

Hello, I am a high school student studying Japanese, and planning to one day
translate for a living. English is my native language, and I'm afraid that I
am less than a beginner at fully understanding Japanese... But I think that
working on a project would not only teach me a lot, but give me experience
that I could cite when looking for a paying job.

I have translated manga from Japanese to English for IRC groups for two
years now, and I think I have learned quite a bit from that. However, except
for writing on napkins I have never really delved into English to Japanese
translation... When I mentioned trying it, someone actually made a joke
about me creating a Japanese version of 'all your base'. Despite probably
humiliation, however, I do want to try anything that could teach me and
further my career.

In closing, if you need anyone to translate single words or possibly short
sentences into Japanese, I think I could handle that. I could also translate
documents from Japanese to English. Please let me know if you have anything
I could prove myself with!

-Kumo Inazuma
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