[Project_owners] how does the shellblock.xpi work for FireFox?

Karsten Düsterloh mnenhy at tprac.de
Sun Jul 11 21:29:35 EDT 2004

doron aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
> Personally, if you need advanced functionality and UI, you could simply 
> have them install new parts after the extension is installed from UI in 
> the extension.  You could in theory write your own xpinstall UI to match 
> your needs and use XPCOM classes to do the installations.  You could 
> have small .xpi files for your optional features, and make sure you 
> install them inside the correct EM dir for your profile for uninstallation.

Why should I make such enormous efforts, if all that I need is already
there and available via install.js?

You are avoiding my question:

>>>For extensions in FireFox, install.rdf is now used.  install.js will 
>>>still be read if no install.rdf is found.
>>It does so *now*.
>>But will that be the case *in future*?


Feel free to correct my English. :)

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