[Project_owners] XPInstall Js in FireFox

Christopher Ottley xknight at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Jul 10 18:42:22 EDT 2004


I've seen some javascript installation code out there that can only be 
described as a mess, so I can see why the RDF route is more manageable. 
At first, I also didn't like the idea of needing the RDF when the 
existing javascript installer code worked just fine. The RDF version 
however does 99% of what I need it to do for my MAF project. The last 1% 
(copying some files to a non-chrome directory) was done by a post 
install script in my application itself.
    I'm curious to know what more you need from the installer. If it's 
really a lot of stuff, you can always re-implement the javascript 
installer APIs you need using XPCOM and "eval" a postinstall.js script. 
I even think you were the one that suggested a 
<em:postinstall>postinstall.js</em:postinstall> addition to the RDF 
based extension manager. Does anyone know if this is being considered by 
the firefox developers? Is all the functionality of the older javascript 
version going to be totally duplicated eventually?

(Project MAF)

Robin Monks wrote:

>I will always use .js.  I will never give in...  It has so much more
>power and function.  Who would want to go to (gasp!) rdf?

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