[Project_owners] Disabling profiles and Distributing Mozilla Apps

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Thu Jul 1 10:37:13 EDT 2004

Loren M. Lang wrote:

>I am looking for a way to disable the use of profiles in mozilla while my
>app is running so I don't have any issues with mozilla complaining that the
>profile is in use when I start my app from an icon on the desktop and a
>mozilla app is already running.  I also may want them to be able to run
>multiple instances of my app by just clicking on the icon which is also a
>problem with profiles.  I am not using profiles in any way in my app AFAIK
>and so I see no reason to require the user to select one when running a new
>instance.  Also, I want the app to run completely transparent from the fact
>that it is using mozilla.  It should look just like it's a seperate
>application with no relation.
Just have your icon shortcut do this:

mozilla -CreateProfile myapp
mozilla -P myapp

You can also build a custom distro and enable single profile support: 


 Then you won't be messing w/ profiles at all.

>My second issue to how to distribute my app to my clients computers.  Most
>of them don't use mozilla if any for web browsing and I don't want them to
>have to knowingly download and install mozilla, then go to a web address to
>install my app.  I would like to have my app install just like mozilla, the
>web browser, installs.  It should install just what it needs, no browser or
>mail client, and work independently from any mozilla installed on the
>system already or in the future.
>Any ideas?

Yea, you need to create a custom distro using the Mozilla 


You can brand the installer to suite your needs.


Pete Collins
Mozilla Software Development Solutions 

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