Xprint project move ?! / was: Re: [Project_owners] Xprint 192M Roland you are killing us!

Kaleb S. KEITHLEY kaleb at shiman.com
Wed Jan 28 10:17:41 EST 2004

Pete Collins wrote to Roland Mainz:
 > > I have no clue what the consequences are if you remove the Attic/ 
 > > I guess this means it will be impossible to checkout older releases,
 > > right ?
 > In part, yes.

If you had cvsup on mozdev I'd be able to rehost the Xprint repository 
on freedesktop fairly easily.

I looked at rsync, but Xprint isn't in the list of projects I can rsync.

If someone wanted to tar up the repository and put it somewhere where I 
could get it that would work too.

Let me know.



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