[Project_owners] Xprint 192M Roland you are killing us!

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at informatik.med.uni-giessen.de
Tue Jan 27 01:34:43 EST 2004

jesus X wrote:
> On 1/26/2004 1:45 AM David Fraser cranked up the brainbox and said:
> > it looks like a lot of the reason for
> > your huge tree is multiple versions of font files..
> Why not just take most of the tree offline temporarily until it's mirrored?

I doubt this will work since the font files are AFAIK not being checked
out (IMHO I cvs remove'ed them long ago to reduce the (compressed!)
distribution source tarball size to less than 10MB).

As I said... I can move the CVS to X.org/freedesktop.org... but I would
need little bit time since I have to get a) the version 009 released and
b) move the changes over to the new repository... which is a HUGE amount
of work.
I can't do this over night... and I am away the rest of this week (after
that I push 009final out of the door and then go after the
X.org/freedesktop.org people to make a todo list for the move...).



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