Xprint project move ?! / was: Re: [Project_owners] Xprint 192M Roland you are killing us!

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at informatik.med.uni-giessen.de
Tue Jan 27 01:18:33 EST 2004

Pete Collins wrote:
> > I have no clue what the consequences are if you remove the Attic/ files.
> > I guess this means it will be impossible to checkout older releases,
> > right ?
> In part, yes.


> > Erm... the size of the trunk tree is AFAIK less than 9MB
> If you believe that the size of the trunk is 9MB, then we might have a
> *bit* of a problem.

Erm... sorry... my fault. The size of the gzip-compressed source tarball
is around 9MB. Unpackaged it's much larger (that's why I changed the
documentation lfor cvs checkout long ago to use "-z3" by default to
ensure that less bandwidth is being used). And the files in CVS are
always larger than the files which are checked out since they represent
the whole history of all changes made to the CVS in time (and branches)
and include much context information.

> Please take a loot at some of the metrics shown below.
> Here are some highlights:
> 2.2M    xprint/www/docs

Most of that sits in Attic/ ... but removing it would result in the
problem that a checkout of the older versions will not be possible.

The only offer I can make is to move the CVS site to an external site
(like X.org/freedesktop.org) to get rid of the load caused by it on the
mozdev.org server:
The plan would look like this:
1. Get xprint.mozde.org 009 released (from a branch made from current
xprint.mozdev.org trunk)
2. Make a new tree on X.org/freedesktop.org (based on X.org trunk)
3. Replay all the patches/changes made from X11R6.6 (the base used for
xprint.mozdev.org's CVS) to the X.org tree
4. Test the X.org/freedesktop.org tree and eliminate all the bugs which
are present in the new tree but not the old one
5. Make a backup of the xprint.mozdev.org CVS
6. Announce the CVS move
7. % rm -rf the old xprint/src/xprint_main # CVS tree at mozdev.org.
xprint/www/ should remain for the documentation, the upcoming Xprint XPI
and mozilla+Xprint-related stuff.

The problem is that I would need the whole Februrary for [2], [3] and
[4] (development would be haltet, it's only the porting - and more
difficult - the testing).
Is that acceptable ?



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