[Project_owners] Xprint 192M Roland you are killing us!

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Fri Jan 23 19:46:10 EST 2004

Roland Mainz wrote:
> Pete Collins wrote:
>>Roland, xprint is 192 Megs in size and someone is checking out the
>>entire project at the moment, bogging down cvs and Mozdev.
> Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. The entrire project from the begining (I thought this
> is impossible with CVS) or do you "only" mean "full trunk checkout" (see
> below) ? 
>>xprint isn't even a Mozilla project. Can you *please* try to prune down
>>the size of the project.
> Erm... the size of the trunk tree is AFAIK less than 9MB (gzip'ed, just
> look at the size of the 009 gamma snapshot source tarball). I nearly CVS
> removed all unneccesary files as much as it was possible without
> breaking the build or breaking functionality.
>>Mozdev is an extremely busy box and doing large
>>checkouts like this just bogs us down.
> I know that and I am avoiding full checkouts if possible (the last one I
> made was Jan 21 21:09 MET since I started to hack on the SVGprint driver
> but still have no seperate branch for the 009 release since the Xprint
> FAQ and documentation update isn't done yet (and shame on me - I did not
> had a recent snapshot around which could be used for an update)).
>>Once I get a cvs mirror set up, we won't be bogged down by extremely
>>large checkouts like this. But until them I ask - please be good mozdev
>>citizens and think about others.
> Yes, yes, I do... I'll update the front page in a few mins, too. And I
> have CC:'ed the Xprint mailinglist to inform people to avoid full
> checkouts if possible until the CVS mirror is up.
> And - if you may have noticed - I am using the old SourceForge site as
> download area instead of mozdev.org to avoid that people consume
> mozdev.org bandwidth when downloading the Xprint binary tarballs/RPMs or
> the source tarball.
> I hope that's enougth...
> ----
> Bye,
> Roland

running du -h on xprint

   192M    xprint/

There seems to be a lot of Attic files. Can I remove them?


Pete Collins

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