[Project_owners] QR - discontinuing

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch.news at beonex.com
Wed Jan 21 18:02:56 EST 2004

Erwin Wessels wrote:

> The biggest problem I had was with the neigh unworkable API; 
> Thunderbird is supposed to be a mail client, but with extensions you 
> can do many things *but* send an email.

Did you talk with the mail guys (mscott, spitzer) about that? If there 
really isn't any way, that would be a problem for other projects, too.

> The work-arounds in place ceased to work, and I haven't been able to 
> find any alternatives.
> I'm sorry to have to pull the plug on something which I still feel is 
> a usefull addition to a mail client, but I don't feel the amount of 
> time required is merited by the results obtained.

Did you consider to add the functionality to the main code base? If they 
say "make an extensions", complain about the above :-).

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