[Project_owners] maillist req. joe9999@webinf.com : is this spam? - not

Sergey A. Chernyshev urlfix.mozdev.org at antispam.drouk.ru
Mon Jan 19 13:41:13 EST 2004

BGC> New subscription request to list QuickManager from joe8713 at webinf.com
BGC> New subscription request to list MacroEditor from joe8060 at webinf.com
BGC> New subscription request to list Links from joe7990 at webinf.com

BGC> Is this a new kind of spam?

Not necessarily

In this case it's probably a spam bot, but such addresses are not
always a sign of spammer - it can be "disposable" email address - I
use such addresses to get rid of spam - just subscribe to all
lists/forms with different address (that's why I have project name at
left side of my address or maybe why these "john(\d+)@webinf.com" look
the same but with different numbers) and if you got spam on this
address you just cancel this one and no other addresses affected -
just re-subscribe with new one and spammers will have wrong addresses
in their database.

My point is - don't judge user as a spammer just by this kind of
address. If you are not sure - just ask him if it is some kind of
"disposable" email addresses system.

By the way, I got spam on this address (urlfix.mozdev.org at antispam.drouk.ru),
so it's time to disable it and change it ;))


P.S. If you can read Russian and you interested in my idea of
disposable addresses, called "addressafe" you can read about it in my
wiki: http://wiki.program.ru/twiki/bin/view/Addressafe/WebHome
(I invented this thing on my own before they become available on
internet, but had no time to implement the system).

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