[Project_owners] CVS error: "move away favicon.ico; it is in the way"

Erich Reto Iseli erich.iseli at iseli.org
Fri Jan 16 19:06:53 EST 2004

Pete Collins wrote:
> Erich Reto Iseli wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> Yesterday, I've tried to upload a favicon for my project. It didn't 
>> succeed, because for some reason, a favicon is already there 
>> (http://mycroft.mozdev.org/favicon.ico) but it's a mozdev icon. 
>> Obviously I'd like to replace it with the mycroft icon. Since it 
>> didn't work, I let it be as is for now. But since then, whenever I 
>> check in anything, I get this message:
>> C favicon.ico
> Try it now.

Pete, I don't get the error message any more, and the new favicon seems 
to be up there. However, now I'm running in a new error (after an error 
message containing "broken pipe". One of the files I'm uploading didn't 
get updated, even though CVS web says so:

the file http://mycroft.mozdev.org/testing/rss.php is a broken XML file, 
even though I don't see any version where I forgot the </RDF:RDF> at the 
end of the file. But what the browser sees is version 1.3 with the 
missing end-tag.

Any ideas?


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