[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 12 January, 2004)

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Wed Jan 14 01:17:43 EST 2004

Thomas Schilz wrote:

>      MozPython - version 0.1.0
>(Embeds the Python interpreter in Mozilla)
>    * Home Page <http://www.thomas-schilz.de/MozPython/>
>    * Install <http://www.thomas-schilz.de/MozPython>
>    * Contact: Thomas Schilz <mailto:mozpython at web.de>
>MozPython embeds the Python interpreter in Mozilla. With MozPython you can 
>execute Python scripts in Mozilla. Script output to sys.stdout is displayed in 
>the browser window.
>MozPython may for example be useful for you if you have written a Web 
>application with Python CGI scripts. You can now have your application run 
>offline in Mozilla without the need for a local Web server.
>If PyXPCOM is installed on your system then MozPython gives your scripts access 
>to the browser window they are executing in. This might be useful if you are 
>more interested in creating pure offline applications using Mozilla and Python.
Awesome stuff, looking forward to playing around with it...


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