[Project_owners] MOZLIB and JSLib

Fournier Daniel dfour at noos.fr
Mon Jan 12 08:36:33 EST 2004

Biju G C wrote:
>  --- Daniel Fournier <zdev at noos.fr> wrote: 
>>Mozlib was developed to avoid this weakness, with strict OOP and extreme 
>>programing style in mind: it uses carefully designed classes (and very 
>>few singleton objects: even constants are encapsulated within classes to 
>>avoid global namespace polution), a strict and explicit naming scheme to 
>>improve understandability, very specialized self-documented methods, a 
>>clear class inheritance design based on well known patterns, all that 
>>using JavaScript as you would use Java: with discipline.
>>The result is a library easy to maintain, easy to extend and easy to use.
> Can others use MozLib?
> Do we have some sort of documentaion?

Of course, everyone can use Mozlib. Thanks to RAF, you have a link to 
install Mozlib as a standalone library at ExtensionRoom 

To ease the developer customization of Mozlib (if needed), the package 
is not installed as a jar but as an uncompressed directory.

There is no documentation yet -- and, for that reason, no specific 
Mozdev project for this library, as you have for JSLib. However, the 
code is almost self-documenting (I hope so). The code style is rather 
"exotic" from a Mozilla development point of view, but it is to make it 
as readable as possible.
This self-documentation strictly observe a set conventions I choosed and 
notably uses a few number of markers to identify the code entities: 
method, parameter type, etc. or purpose. And, of course, when something 
seems not "obvious", a short comment is used.

But, something is really lacking, it's a global vision of each package 
and module and a test file to examplify the library use. Of course, I 
use tests to develop these library modules, but they need some cleaning 
to be usable by someone else.

Let me know if you want to have a more detailed insight of Mozlib, its 
design, its documentation conventions, etc. It could be a way to start a 
public documentation and a true standalone Mozdev project.



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