[Project_owners] Mozilla Firebird Help

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch.news at beonex.com
Sat Jan 10 18:15:15 EST 2004

HJ wrote:

>I'm looking for a 'How to do prefs ABC for mozilla Firebird'. Who's using a similar pref panel layout (tree) as mozilla's pref window?
I don't think you are supposed to use a tree, but tabs, if you have 
several panes for your extension, but I might misremember it.

>Do I have to modify my pref panels? Or can they be used unchanged?
In my experience (sroaming prefs, for source see 
<http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4xRoaming>), there are 
subtle differences, esp. for loading/unloading/switching panes, which 
made the united Firebird/Mozilla prefs a pain. Costed me a 1-3 full 
days, IIRC.

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