[Project_owners] Mozilla Firebird Help

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Sat Jan 10 12:52:19 EST 2004

On Saturday 10 January 2004 12:34, HJ wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a 'How to do prefs ABC for mozilla Firebird'.

[ http://www.bengoodger.com/weblog/archives/week_2003_12_28.shtml#000533 ]

> Who's using a 
> similar pref panel layout (tree) as mozilla's pref window?

not many people, Piro's TBE may do - you would have to duplicate pref.xul and 
preftree.xul from seamonkey

> I'm aware of the 
> chrome:settingsURL="" but what exactly should that do?

specifies a chrome uri for a dialog

> Do I have to modify my pref panels? Or can they be used unchanged?

depends what you plan ...

> I'm updating the MultiZilla port for mozilla Firebird and I've seen about
> 50 crashers already, so any help would be appreciated.
> Any other tips are also welcome, thanks for your help,




> HTH,
> /HJ




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