[Project_owners] MOZLIB and JSLib

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Fri Jan 9 09:34:33 EST 2004

> And what about unifying both libs? As you have guessed, it would be a 
> rather curious task and a more curious result...
> But let me know if you find in JSLib functionalities Mozlib is lacking, 
> I'll see wether it can be implemented in Mozlib ;-)

Ok, I took a cursory look at mozlib, and the code wasn't clear and 
obvious to me. So that is a matter of "schools of though". Perhaps i've 
been too deeply involved w/ Mozilla and Mozilla coding style . .

Anyway, this is open source and having alternatives is the cornerstone 
of OS development. Also having two libraries around should dirve up 
quality and ease of use for the developers which is the ultimate end goal.

Good luck w/ mozlib.



Pete Collins

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