[Project_owners] Questions and a little rant of my mind...

mark bokil mbokil at bokil.com
Tue Jan 6 10:07:26 EST 2004

Doron Rosenberg wrote:
> Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> Hey HJ
>> HJ wrote:
>>> May all of you, except one (me), be blessed with good heath, 
>>> knowledge and wisdom for 2004.
>> No, you too! :-)
>>> 3) How would you feel/react when someone copies your (hard) 
>>> work/project without giving you some sort of credit?
>>>   - what about copyrights for Open SOurce software?

Well, I think you have to realistic and keep a flexible mind when it 
comes to credit for source code. Generally if something is very generic 
and you found it and cut and pasted it and tweaked it a little I 
wouldn't bother giving credit. Just think what would your code would be 
like if each time you saw some snipit of code you felt you had to add a 
credit comment for it. Eventually you would spend a lot of time just 
maintaining credit comments -- not really the job of a busy developer.

But, if the code is substantial and unique and the owner released it as 
open source it would be nice if developers included a credit to the 
owner -- though I wouldn't demand it since if you are releasing it as 
open source with no strings attatched then you can't expect too much in 


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