[Project_owners] Questions and a little rant of my mind...

Doron Rosenberg doron at nexgenmedia.net
Tue Jan 6 08:53:01 EST 2004

Ben Bucksch wrote:

> Hey HJ
> HJ wrote:
>> May all of you, except one (me), be blessed with good heath, 
>> knowledge and wisdom for 2004.
> No, you too! :-)
>> 3) How would you feel/react when someone copies your (hard) 
>> work/project without giving you some sort of credit?
>>   - what about copyrights for Open SOurce software?
> Depends on the importance of the source. If it's just the framework of 
> how I added prefs panels to Mozilla and Firebird, then I'd demand 
> credit in source and maybe credit in credits. If they take the whole 
> project or significant parts of it, change it a bit, slam their logo 
> on it and don't say anywhere visible what it's based on, I'd be pissed.
> I am just talking with Gerv about that, because I think AOL did just 
> that with AOL Communicator. It seems to base on Mozilla Mailnews, but 
> its copyright statement just says "(c) 2003 AOL" "Contains technology 
> from XYZ Spellcheck", no hint of Mozilla or its contributors anywhere 
> to find.

AOL Communicator is not based on Mozilla.  It does use Gecko for 
somethings though.

> And where was your rant? ;-P
> Ben
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