[Project_owners] Awkward project status

Christian Willy Asmussen - Gerente de Desenvolvimento krico at mandic.com
Mon Jan 5 14:37:56 EST 2004

David Boswell wrote:

>there aren't any mozdev restrictions to worry about.  a handful of

It's a relief to know there aren't any mozdev restrictions!

>other projects have sister sites that run in parallel with their mozdev
>project.  for example, if you wanted to do development on a separate
>site, you could still use your mozdev project for hosting downloads on
>the mirror network and coordinating bugs and issues through mozdev's
>bugzilla.  i don't have any specific suggestions for how best to keep
>two parallel sites in sync but maybe some of those project owners will
>have suggestions?
Anyone keeping two cvs repos?

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