[Project_owners] mozdev.org font?

Jeff Walden Jswalden86 at netzero.net
Fri Feb 27 19:45:48 EST 2004

Chris Neale wrote:

> On Friday 27 February 2004 22:07, Jeff Walden wrote:
>>What font is used to make the mozdev.org image in the top left of
>>branded Mozdev projects?  I'm making a replacement for my project and I
>>would prefer to keep the project looking as similar as possible to the
>>mozdev.org default by using the same font.  Thanks for all replies!
>>Jeff Walden
> Univers Condensed Bold / Univers 67
> what colours are you after ?
> We have an agenda item pending about a Logos page ...

I wasn't after a specific color.  The design I wanted was slightly 
different from the original, but it wasn't just a simple font/size/color 
change. The newer version (now in place) is a transparent GIF, so it 
doesn't look "scary".  As for the CSS, I wasn't intending to leave it 
the way it was; that was just a stopgap measure to switch over to a 
local version of the image, and then I'd go back and optimize the CSS later.

With respect to the agenda item, may I recommend the font chosen be one
that is freely available if you haven't already thought of this?


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