[Project_owners] Firefox does not remember my administrator password

"Håvar I. Henriksen" havar at henriksen.nu
Sun Feb 22 16:10:39 EST 2004

On 22.02.2004 15:47, Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:

> Hi,
> Every time I enter the administrator part of the mailinglist of my 
> project I have to re-enter the password. Firefox does not present me 
> an option to save the password. I see this also with some other sites.
> Is this some security feature (i.e. a website that does not allow the 
> browser to save the password)?
> Is there a way such that I can save the password??
> Thanks
> Jaap
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Try this little bookmarklet found here:
Firefox would normally not remember passwords if the form has an 
onsubmit JavaScript function, or if it has the autocomplete=off atribute.
Use the bookmarklet on the page I mentioned and your browser should be 
able to remember the password.
Note: You'll only need to do this once, only when you wish to make it 
remember the password.
Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Håvar I. Henriksen
havar at henriksen.nu

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