[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 9 February, 2004)

Daniel Wang stolenclover at yahoo.com.tw
Fri Feb 13 00:26:27 EST 2004

Kevin Quiggle wrote:

> <div id="mozmanual" class="independent">
> <h3>MozManual - Final 1.0</h3>
> <p>(Introduction to Mozilla - A Manual for First Time Users; a brief 
> overview and feature guide)</p>
> <ul class="quickaccess">
> <li><a href="http://mozmanual.mozdev.org/">Home Page</a></li>
> <li><a 
> href="http://mozmanual.mozdev.org/installation.html">Install</a></li>
> <li>Contact: <a href="http://mozmanual.mozdev.org/list.html">Mailing 
> List</a></li>
> </ul>
> <p>*A draft preview of an HTML version of the Mozilla Manual is now 
> available. *
> The Mozilla Manual is an overview, in PDF (Acrobat) format, of features and
> functions of Mozilla. Work is now in progress to produce an HTML version 
> of the
> manual, which can be used as a tutorial/introduction for  Mozilla.  </p>
> </div>

great, and it links to 
file:///C:/Data/Kevin/Mozilla/final-html/start.html ???

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