[Project_owners] My Solution for Mozilla Proxy

Massimo Cozzi massimocozzi2 at virgilio.it
Fri Feb 13 10:14:26 EST 2004

Hi all

thanks for your answers,

I have study many proxies open source and 
I have decided to adopt for my project  
Apache as Mozilla client-side proxy.
There are a interesting articles in the internet
"Using Apache as a Proxy Server"  as google keyword.

My solution is a new Apache Module.

Next step is to connect the Mozilla Class nsIDOMTreeWalker
to new Apache Module.
I think with Mozilla embedding examples.

Have you got a best solution in site?

In the book " Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C" there are  a 
for running Mozilla Javascript on Apache.

Have  you got informations?

Best Regards
Massimo Cozzi
massimocozzi2 at virgilio.it

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