[Project_owners] CVS down again??

GuruJ GuruJ at mbox.com.au
Thu Feb 12 20:13:22 EST 2004

Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:
> Brian King wrote:
>> This is simply not going to happen (in the short term at least). 
>> mozdev.org will fund any improvements, and we are currently discussing 
>> ways to manage continued growth and demand.
> What about having sponsors/advertisements for the site? I usually block 
> them with adblock, but since it is for a good cause I won't block 
> advertisements on mozdev.org ;-)

Wouldn't attempting to attract corporate sponsorship be an appropriate 
course of action, particularly given that Mozilla (and consequently, 
*development* of Mozilla) is a fairly important cornerstone of the OSS 
community?  Have either IBM or Red Hat expressed any interest in 
sponsoring MozDev?

-- GuruJ.

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