[Project_owners] CVS down again??

Jaap A. Haitsma jaap at haitsma.org
Wed Feb 11 21:31:30 EST 2004

Brian King wrote:
> On 11.2.2004 12:28, HJ wrote:
>> Mozilla Firebird is killing all mozdev.org projects :( Time to move
>> themes and documentation project over to mozilla.org or the
>> foundation should pay for a new fast server and ditto connection ;)
> This is simply not going to happen (in the short term at least). 
> mozdev.org will fund any improvements, and we are currently discussing 
> ways to manage continued growth and demand.
What about having sponsors/advertisements for the site? I usually block 
them with adblock, but since it is for a good cause I won't block 
advertisements on mozdev.org ;-)

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