[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 9 February, 2004)

Gustavo Araujo Bittencourt g.bitten at bol.com.br
Tue Feb 10 23:39:32 EST 2004

First DownloadWith report,
Thank you Brian

<div id="downloadwith" class="independent">
<h3>DownloadWith - v0.0.6</h3>
<p>(download files with external programs)</p>
<ul class="quickaccess">
<li><a href="http://downloadwith.mozdev.org/">Home Page</a></li>
<li>Contact: <a 
<p>DownloadWith is Mozilla/Firefox extension to download files with 
external programs like wget, prozilla, Downloader for X, Download 
Accelerator Plus and GetRight.</p>
<li>Works with Windows, Linux/Unix</li>
<li>Works with Mozilla Suite and Firefox</li>
<li>Allow to config multiples programs</li>
<li>Allow to download samples configurations</li>

Brian King escreveu:

> I've already received 1 report from MSDbar to start the next round. To 
> be added to the report, post what you have to say here.
> Submission guidelines here:
> http://www.mozdev.org/status/submit.html
> Status page here:
> http://www.mozdev.org/status/index.html
> Thanks,

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