Fwd: Re: [Project_owners] Oops

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Tue Feb 10 20:18:07 EST 2004

> This seems to be caused by tons of people that install themes, plugins and
>  extensions for mozilla Firefox. This proofs that the implemented concept for
>  themes, plugins et all still suck. There should be no need to reinstall
>  everything after each and every installation.

Yes, we've pretty much had a meltdown due to the high end user traffic 
generated from the last (Mozilla/Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox) release.

Which addresses a big problem. Mozdev is a Mozilla development site. We 
now seemed to have evolved into an end user site. We can't sustain this 
kind of traffic. it takes up a lot of my time trying to get things to 
work under this kind of load.

Every developer looses the site because it becomes non functional.

> Oh, did I say that this is killing most of the other project?
> No CVS access, no mailinglist, no bugzilla, no nothing :(
> How long will this go on?

I just re-enabled things . . ..

I really don't have any immediate solutions to how to deal w/ this. I'm 
open to suggestions. Proxy? Mirror for www portion of projects?


Pete Collins

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