[Project_owners] Oops

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Tue Feb 10 19:17:30 EST 2004

Carl Parrish <cparrish at carlparrish.com> wrote:

>HJ wrote:
>>Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: User 'tigris' has exceeded the 'max_connections' resource (current value: 500) in /mozdev/sandbox/data/helm/htdoc/php/include/connect.h on line 8
[bunch deleted]  
>Yeap I got that too.
>Carl Parrish(cparrish at carlparrish.com)

This seems to be caused by tons of people that install themes, plugins and extensions for mozilla Firefox. This proofs that the implemented concept for themes, plugins et all still suck. There should be no need to reinstall everything after each and every installation.

Oh, did I say that this is killing most of the other project? 
No CVS access, no mailinglist, no bugzilla, no nothing :(
How long will this go on?

[off topic]
Ok, I must admit. Mozilla Firefox looks really slick. They have done an awesome job. Congrats to the team members. It looks really nice.
[/off topic]


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