[Project_owners] Testing whether XPI install script is running on Mozilla or Firebird...

Patrick Brunschwig patrick.brunschwig at gmx.net
Sun Feb 8 15:31:27 EST 2004

Brian King wrote:
> On 8.2.2004 10:04, Roland Mainz wrote:
>> Is there a way (or better: has someone example code :) to test whether
>> an XPInstall script is being run by Mozilla (Suite) or
>> FireBird/Thunderbird ?
> I'm not quite sure what you mean ... could you be more specific. Do you
> mean running in real time?
> For after-the-fact information, you can use install.log:
> http://books.mozdev.org/html/mozilla-chp-6-sect-3.html#mozilla-CHP-6-SECT-3.2
> Look for section " The install log".

I think Roland wants to detect during the installation process, i.e. in
install.js, if the user is using Mozilla (Suite) or
Thunderbird/Firebird, e.g. in order to perform some specific actions. I
would be interested in such an example as well ... :-)


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