[Project_owners] Independent Status Reports editing

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sat Feb 7 14:12:12 EST 2004

On 7.2.2004 9:00, Daniel Wang wrote:

> Independent Status Report (ISR) is included in the Mozilla Link 
> newsletter, and right now its content is not too useful for end users. 
> This may or may not be an editing issue with the ISR editor, but since 
> Percy Cabello reads this mailing list too, I will post my comment here.

For the record, currently I compile the status reports and edit them for 
the abbreviated newsletter version.

> The Status Report should clearly identify what Mozilla software the 
> extensions are for. Each format should have the format
>   <name> <ver> [<moz_soft>] - description <url>
> e.g.
>   adBlock 2.0 [M,MF] - This extension which allows for users to block
>   images and flash advertisements by URL has gone through a major
>   overhaul. The new version includes blah ... <adblock.mozdev.org>

I try to follow this structure. If you look at exisiting versions, the 
description comes after the version, separated by a comma.

> <moz_soft> should not include Mozilla software planeed to be supported. 

Ok, I like this idea. I may factor it into the template for submitting 


> description should always contain a short description of what the 
> extension or project is about.
> The description should be edited so people can understand the extension 
> without having to see the screenshot. For example,
>   Urlnav - v0.1.0, an Extension for navigating up and down a captured
>   URL, allows you to navigate up or down the numeric portion of that
>   url, or run a slide show.
> What is a "captured url" ? The description is difficult to translate and 
> could use an example: (e.g. if the location ends with "page2.html", it 
> lets you navigate to "page1.html" or "page3.html")

Until now, this has been the responsibility of submitters. I just use 
the description they give. If there is none, I use the one we have 
logged in the mozdev database.

> ...
> Since Independent Status Reports are reaching end users, it should be 
> edited for regular people.

Agreed. But I don't think that the responsibility should be solely on 
the person who compiles the report. Project owners should be made aware 
of these issues, and have clearer descriptions and better written blurbs 
about their projects.

One reason, I simply don't have the time to edit the English grammer, 
vocabulary and structure. If someone wants to take on this task, that is 
fine, but as I said it would go along way if project owners were aware 
of this too.

Brian King

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