[Project_owners] Independent Status Reports editing

Daniel Wang stolenclover at yahoo.com.tw
Sat Feb 7 00:00:11 EST 2004

Independent Status Report (ISR) is included in the Mozilla Link 
newsletter, and right now its content is not too useful for end users. 
This may or may not be an editing issue with the ISR editor, but since 
Percy Cabello reads this mailing list too, I will post my comment here.

The Status Report should clearly identify what Mozilla software the 
extensions are for. Each format should have the format
   <name> <ver> [<moz_soft>] - description <url>
   adBlock 2.0 [M,MF] - This extension which allows for users to block
   images and flash advertisements by URL has gone through a major
   overhaul. The new version includes blah ... <adblock.mozdev.org>

<moz_soft> should not include Mozilla software planeed to be supported. 
description should always contain a short description of what the 
extension or project is about.

The description should be edited so people can understand the extension 
without having to see the screenshot. For example,

   Urlnav - v0.1.0, an Extension for navigating up and down a captured
   URL, allows you to navigate up or down the numeric portion of that
   url, or run a slide show.

What is a "captured url" ? The description is difficult to translate and 
could use an example: (e.g. if the location ends with "page2.html", it 
lets you navigate to "page1.html" or "page3.html")

   easyGestures - v2.5.1, which adds UI with mouse gestures and
   customizable actions. This new release features an option to use
   small icons for those who prefer a small UI. A useful FAQ is now

A nighmare for translator. "adds UI" should be "pop up a graphical menu".

"which adds UI with mouse gesture and customizable actions" is 
confusing. It could mean "the UI has mouse gesture and customizable 
actions". Or it could mean "you activate UI by either mouse gesture or 
customizable actions". From what I see from the screenshots, both are 
false (it meant menu items can be programmed). The sentence should be

   easyGestures - v2.5.1. This extension pops up a graphical,
   customizable menu when activated by mouse gestures.

Since Independent Status Reports are reaching end users, it should be 
edited for regular people.

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